Community Center GASEB

A meeting place

The Community Center is a place to potentiate the capabilities and foster the generation of inclusive spaces for the benefit of personal and social growth.

The Center has a public library, a playroom, school support and training center.

“ Some stories seem like dreams.
And dreams that could change history."
Mamerto Menapace


  • Develop prevention programs in health and medical care to bring specific needs of this population.
  • Improve opportunities for access to education of children and young people from rural communities by encouraging their permanence in the educational system.
  • Provide direct contact with reading and culture through a public library understood as a space for communication and participation.
  • Zoom tools and aimed at providing a sustainable opportunity through the implementation of necessary knowledge craft workshops.

Community it seeks to promote

The center tries to work from a comprehensive look at the household training thus expanding their scope of action. It is a community where living conditions are poor: no running water or electricity and where the dropout rate is very high.